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Fig. 6

From: TP53TG1 enhances cisplatin sensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer cells through regulating miR-18a/PTEN axis

Fig. 6

Overexpression of TP53TG1 sensitized NSCLC cells to cisplatin in vivo. About 2.0 × 107 SUNE2 cells stably transfected with lenti-control or lenti-TP53TG1 were subcutaneously inoculated into the nude mice, followed by intraperitoneal injection of PBS or cisplatin. Mice were euthanized to remove tumor masses at 32 days after inoculation. a The tumor volumes were measured with a caliper at indicated time points. b The representative photographs and average weights of resected tumors. c qRT-PCR analysis of TP53TG1, miR-18a and PTEN mRNA levels in excised tumor tissues. d Western blot assay of PTEN and cleaved caspase-3 levels in excised tumor tissues. Each experiment is repeated three times. *P < 0.05 vs. corresponding control

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