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Fig. 1

From: TP53TG1 enhances cisplatin sensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer cells through regulating miR-18a/PTEN axis

Fig. 1

TP53TG1 expression levels in NSCLC tissues and cells. TP53TG1 levels were assessed by qRT-PCR assay in 40 paired NSCLC tissues and adjacent normal tissues (a), in DDP-sensitive NSCLC tissues and DDP-resistant NSCLC samples (b), in NSCLC cell lines (SK-MES-1, H1299, A549) and normal bronchial epithelial cell line HBE (c), as well as in A549 cells and its cisplatin-resistant cells A549/DDP (d). qRT-PCR assay of miR-18a expression (e) and PTEN expression pattern (f) in HBE, A549 and A549/DDP cells. Each experiment is repeated at least three times. *P < 0.05 vs. respective control

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