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Fig. 2

From: Function of aquaporins in sepsis: a systematic review

Fig. 2

(Figure modified and adapted from [70,71,72,73,74, 77,78,79])

Purposed roles and expressions of aquaporins in sepsis: a AQP4 is expressed in brain and increased in sepsis, b AQP1 expression is increased in cardiac cells in sepsis, c AQP1, AQP8, AQP9 are expressed in bronchiolar epithelial cells and AQP5 can be found in alveolar epithelial cells; their expressions are reduced in sepsis, d AQP2 appears in the apical and subapical part of collecting duct principal cells and is reduced in sepsis, e AQP8 is reduced in hepatocytes in sepsis, f AQP1 and AQP9 expressions are increased in neutrophils and lymphocytes in sepsis, whereas the expression of AQP3, AQP5 and AQP7 is reduced in lymphocytes and dendritic cells

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