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Fig. 1

From: Down-regulation of miR-210-3p encourages chemotherapy resistance of renal cell carcinoma via modulating ABCC1

Fig. 1

The expression of miR-210-3p, ABCC1 and MDR-1 in drug-sensitive and drug-resistant RCC cells. The RCC cell line Caki-2 with vinblastine-resistant (Caki-2/VBL) or doxorubicin-resistant (Caki-2/DOX) was constructed, respectively. a The expressions of miR-210-3p in the RCC cells were determined by qRT-PCR. b The mRNA levels of ABCC1 expression in the RCC cells were assessed by qRT-PCR. c The protein levels of ABCC1 and MDR-1 in the RCC cells were detected by Western blot assays. *P < 0.05 vs. Caki-2

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