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Table 1 Major lncRNAs associated with osteoblastogenesis and osteoclastogenesis, as well as skeletal and dental diseases

From: Insights into the roles of lncRNAs in skeletal and dental diseases

lncRNAs Targets Effects References
MouselincRNA0231 Runx2, Osterix Suppresses osteoblastogenesis [46]
ANCR Runx2 Inhibits osteoblastogenesis [47]
HIF1α-AS1 HOXD10 Promotes osteoblastogenesis [49]
DANCR p-GSK-3β, β-catenin Blocks odontoblast-like differentiation of hDPCs [50]
DANCR IL-6, TNF-α Positively regulates osteoclastogenesis [55]
MEG3 SLC39A1 Inhibits osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs [65]
Hotair PRC2, LSD1 complex Repressor of skeletal malformation [67]
SOX9nc2 SOX9 Promotes chondrogenesis [71]
H19 COL2A1 Stimulates chondrocyte anabolism [72, 73]
lncRNA-POIR FoxO1 Positive regulator of osteogenic differentiation in periodontitis [76]
ANRIL ADIPOR1, VAMP3, C110RF10 Regulates risk variants of aggressive periodontitis [77, 78]
TUSC7   Inhibits proliferation in osteosarcoma cells [81, 82]
MALAT-1 SFPQ, PTBP2 Promotes proliferation, migration, or invasion in osteosarcoma cells [83,84,85]
LINC340   Potentially involved in ameloblastoma [89]