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Fig. 1

From: PML: Regulation and multifaceted function beyond tumor suppression

Fig. 1

Schematic of PML gene and its isoforms and their localizations. a The primary PML transcript contains nine exons and eight introns and is alternatively spliced. The exons are shown as blue boxes. b The primary PML transcript can be alternatively spliced to generate more than 11 isoforms. Only seven PML mRNA isoforms that share exons 1–4 are shown. Note that all nuclear isoforms (I–VI) harbor exons 1–6. Isoforms III and V contain introns colored in grey that are spliced out in other nuclear isoforms. The asterisks mark the regions from partial exons or introns. In this Figure, the localization, the molecular weight of PML protein isoforms and the sizes of the 3-UTR of each PML isoform are also shown. PML mRNA isoforms harbor unique 3-UTRs, with a common 140-bp 5-UTR containing a functional IRES. SIM SUMO interacting motif, NLS nuclear localization sequence, NES nuclear exportation sequence)

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