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Table 2 Characterization of EV particle diameter

From: Characterization and selective incorporation of small non-coding RNAs in non-small cell lung cancer extracellular vesicles

Average of particle diameter (nm) 124.1 126.6 126
Polydispersity index (PDI)a 0.229 0.235 0.198
Major peak of particle diameter (nm) 154.9 170.7 156.9
Percentage of 20–200 nm diameter (%) 78.3 71.8 79.4
  1. ADC adenocarcinoma, SQCC squamous cell carcinoma, CTRL healthy controls
  2. aPolydispersity index (PDI) is a dimensionless value that represents the distribution of particle size. PDI values of 0.08–0.7 indicate moderate dispersion system and optimum application scope of algorithm