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Fig. 4

From: Characterization and selective incorporation of small non-coding RNAs in non-small cell lung cancer extracellular vesicles

Fig. 4

hY4 RNA-derived fragments are upregulated in NSCLC EVs, and may be selectively sorted into NSCLC-derived EVs. The Circos plot shows the distribution of small RNAs from ADC (a), SQCC (b), and CTRL (c) EVs. The outer circle represents the chromosome band, and the line segment on the inner circle represents the abundance of mapped sequences. dg Sequence alignment of the genomic (hg19) location of the hY4 fragment (hY4F) and hY4 reverse fragment (hY4rF) from the UCSC Genome Browser. h The expression of hY4F and hY4rF in NSCLC-derived EVs and cell lysates compared to control IMR-90 cells (U6 snRNA was used as an internal control). i MTT assay for overexpression of hY4F and hY4rF mimics in A549 cells. j Colony formation assay for A549 cells treated with hY4F and hY4rF mimics (representative photograph was shown below the column). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01. Results are presented as mean ± SD

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