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Table 5 Top ten altered canonical pathways, sorted by − log10 (p) value via IPA

From: Epigenetic alterations in TRAMP mice: epigenome DNA methylation profiling using MeDIP-seq

Pathways − Log10 (p value) Involved molecules
Neuropathic pain signaling in dorsal horn neurons 3.01 TACR1, GRM7, KCNN3, CAMK1D, MAPK1, GPR37, BDNF, GRM3, GRIA1, CREB1, TAC1, GRIN3A
Cardiomyocyte differentiation via BMP receptors 3.01 NKX2-5, MAP3K7, SMAD6, MEF2C, BMP10
cAMP-mediated signaling 2.75 ENPP6, ADCY2, RGS18, MAPK1, CAMK1D, PTGER3, GRM3, DUSP6, GNAI1, CHRM3, Cngb1, GRM7, FSHR, RGS10, CREB1, HTR1F, DRD3, PTGER4, PPP3CA
Estrogen biosynthesis 2.64 CYP4F8, CYP3A5, HSD17B7, CYP2C9, CYP2A6 (includes others), CYP51A1, CYP2C8
PXR/RXR activation 2.63 CYP3A5, ABCC2, INS, CYP2C9, CYP2A6 (includes others), INSR, PAPSS2, Ins1, CYP2C8
Wnt/β-catenin signaling 2.43 CDKN2A, GJA1, WNT3, APPL2, APC, SOX17, SOX2, FZD8, PPP2R1A, WNT7A, RARB, TLE4, MAP3K7, NR5A2, GSK3B
BMP signaling pathway 2.43 MAP2K4, NKX2-5, MAPK1, BMP8A, CREB1, MAP3K7, SMAD6, GREM1, BMP10
Factors promoting cardiogenesis in vertebrates 2.41 FZD8, SMAD2, NKX2-5, WNT3, BMP8A, MAP3K7, MEF2C, GSK3B, BMP10, APC
Glutamate receptor signaling 2.40 GRM7, SLC1A4, GRM3, GRIA1, SLC38A1, GRIP1, GRIK2, GRIN3A
Human embryonic stem cell pluripotency 2.39 SOX2, FZD8, SMAD2, WNT7A, WNT3, BDNF, BMP8A, SMAD6, GSK3B, NGF, APC, INHBA, BMP10
LPS/IL-1 mediated inhibition of RXR function 2.37 MAP2K4, GAL3ST2, ABCC2, CYP2C9, APOC2, NDST4, PAPSS2, IL1R2, TLR4, UST, CYP3A5, Sult1c2 (includes others), MAP3K7, NR5A2, CYP2A6 (includes others), GSTP1, MAOA, CYP2C8