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Table 1 Mass spectrometry analysis results of chosen proteins

From: Hypoxic 3D in vitro culture models reveal distinct resistance processes to TKIs in renal cancer cells

Protein name Gene name Full name qvalue Ratio Fold change Peptide no. Citation (protein association with RCC or cancerogenesis or hypoxia) Function (main process)
P23588 eif4b Eukaryotic translation initiation factor B NA SH/AN: only rSH
N: 0
rAN: 0
H: 0
rSH: 1
NA 2 [57] Signal transduction
Q02750 map2k1 Dual specificity mitogen-activated protein kinase 1 NA N/H: only H
N: 0
H: 1
rSH: 0
rAN: 0
NA 5 [58, 59] Signal transduction
Q99459 cdc5 l Cell division cycle 5-like protein NA Only rSH (rSH/rAN) NA 2 [60] Cell cycling
O60264 smarca5 SWI/SNF-related matrix-associated actin-dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily A member 5 NA Only rSH (rSH/rAN) NA 3 [61] Nucleosome-remodeling activity
Q9UIG0 baz1b Tyrosine-protein kinase BAZ1B NA Only rAN (AN/N) NNA 2 [62] Chromatin remodeling
P07910 hnrnp Heterogene-ous nuclear ribonucleo-proteins C1/C2 NA Only rAN (rAN/N) NNA 2 [63] Regulation of mRNA splicing
P14618 pkm Pyruvate kinase PKM 0.00013 (H/N)
0.00011 (rSH/rAN)
2.34 (H/N)
1.89 (rSH/rAN)
2.34 (H/N)
1.89 (rSH/rAN)
45 (H/N)
42 (rSH/rAN)
[64] Metabolic (production of ATP)
P05091 aldh2 Aldehyde dehydroge-nase, mitochon-drial NA Only H (H/N)
Only rAN (rAN/N)
NA 4 (H/N)
3 (rAN/N)
[65] Alcohol metabolism, marker for stem cells
Q9BXP5 srrt Serrate RNA effector molecule homolog NA Only H (SH/H) NA 2 [66] Cell proliferation
P62258 14-3- 14-3-3 epsilon 0.00027 1,7 (rSH/rAN) 1,7 (rSH/rAN) 21 [67] Is believed to play a role in G2/M transition
Q9NYF8 bclaf1 Bcl-2-associated transcription factor 1 NA Only rSH (rSH/H) NA 2 [68] Apoptosis, negative regulation of transciption
P00338 ldha L-lactate dehydrogenase A chain 0.00011 (SH/AN)
0.00816 (H/N)
2.54 (rSH/rAN)
1.91 (H/N)
2.52 (rSH/rAN)
1.91 (H/N)
17 (rSH/rAN)
16 (H/N)
[69] Metabolic—higher levels in cancer
  1. Those marked in bolditalic were chosen for western blotting
  2. P* is not counted when protein is detected in only one group (100%). qvalue represents the statistical significance. The lower qvalue, the higher statistical significance. NA (not applicable) means that the protein was detected only in one group in a particular group comparison. If the protein was not a 0–1 protein, protein ratio is given. For example, there is 2.34 more amount of P14618 protein encoded by PKM gene in the hypoxia group but only when we compare it to the amount in the normoxia group
  3. rAN: cells resistant to axitinib in normoxia, sAH: cells sensitized to axitinib in hypoxia, N: cells cultured in normoxia, H: cells cultured in hypoxia, rSH: cells resistant to sorafenib in hypoxia, sSN: cells sensitized to sorafenib in normoxia