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Fig. 3

From: Hypoxic 3D in vitro culture models reveal distinct resistance processes to TKIs in renal cancer cells

Fig. 3

Cell viability by Alamar blue® of HKCSCs, 769-P and Caki-1 cells treated with various doses of sunitinib (a) reduces overtime. Only HKCSCs are resistant to sorafenib in hypoxia, marked rSH (b) and to axitinib in normoxia, marked rAN (c) while 769-P and Caki-1 remain sensitive to treatment as indicated for 6 days (d). Graphs show the % of Alamar blue® reduction which indicates the number of living (metabolically active) cells. Statistically significant results are marked with * when P < 0.001 (ANOVA test). Two graphs marked with a square show resistant cell lines. Error bars presented as ± SD

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