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Fig. 2

From: Tumorigenesis as a process of gradual loss of original cell identity and gain of properties of neural precursor/progenitor cells

Fig. 2

(a, b are adapted from [119] and c, d are from [120])

The link between gene conservation, tumorigenesis and neural development. a, b tpt1 is not transcribed in control animals of Hydra (a); whereas in animals bearing tumor, it is strongly expressed and expression is localized to tumor polyps (b) as detected with whole mount in situ hybridization using a tpt1 antisense riboprobe. Hybridization with a sense probe reveals no signal (insets). Scale bar, 300 μM. (c, d) tpt1 transcription is localized to the neuroectoderm at the stage of neural induction (c) and to the neural plate and neural crest during neurulation (d) in Xenopus laevis, as shown by whole mount in situ hybridization. st.12 and st.15 refer to the Nieuwkoop and Faber stages 12 and 15 for Xenopus development. Arrowheads indicate domains of tpt1 expression. a anterior, p posterior

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