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Fig. 6

From: 14-3-3ζ loss leads to neonatal lethality by microRNA-126 downregulation-mediated developmental defects in lung vasculature

Fig. 6

Schematic model of 14-3-3ζ mediated lung vascular integrity regulation and respiratory distress mediated neonatal lethality. On C57Bl/6J background, 14-3-3ζ is critical for the activation of multiple signaling pathways including the Raf/Mek/Erk pathway, facilitating the Ets2 mediated transcription of the pro-angiogenic miR-126, which promotes lung vascular integrity (left). In the absence of 14-3-3ζ, the Raf/Mek/Erk/Ets2 pathway, along with other signaling pathways, is inhibited and miR-126 expression is attenuated, resulting in defects in lung vascular integrity that leads to neonatal lethality (right)

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