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Fig. 6

From: Enhancing antitumor immunogenicity of HPV16-E7 DNA vaccine by fusing DNA encoding E7-antigenic peptide to DNA encoding capsid protein L1 of Bovine papillomavirus

Fig. 6

In vivo antibody depletion experiments. Six to eight week old female C57BL/6 mice (5 per group) were primed with 10 µg of pcDNA3-BPVL1-E7(49-57) vaccine on day 1. Mice were boosted with the same dose and regimen 7 days later. One day after last vaccination, mice were injected with anti-CD4, -CD8, or -NK1.1 antibody to deplete the respective cell type. The mice were injected with the same antibodies every other day, for a total three times during the first week, then one time each week using the same regimen for the next 11 weeks. One week after last vaccination, mice were challenged SC with 5 × 104 TC-1 tumor cells. One group of treated tumor-bearing mice without antibody depletion, and one group of untreated tumor-bearing mice were used as controls. The formation of detectable tumor in mice was monitored once a week via palpation for 100 days

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