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Fig. 4

From: Enhancing antitumor immunogenicity of HPV16-E7 DNA vaccine by fusing DNA encoding E7-antigenic peptide to DNA encoding capsid protein L1 of Bovine papillomavirus

Fig. 4

In vivo tumor protection experiments. a Schema of experiment. Briefly, 6–8 week old female C57BL/6 mice (5 per group) were vaccinated IM with (1) 20 μg of empty pcDNA3 vector, (2) 10 μg of pcDNA3-E7(49-57) + 10 μg of empty pcDNA3 vector, (3) 10 μg of pcDNA3-BPVL1 + 10 μg of pcDNA3-E7(49-57), or (4) 10 μg of pcDNA3-BPVL1-E7(49-57) + 10 μg of empty pcDNA3 vector, followed by electroporation on day 1. Mice received the same regimen 7 days later. Eight days after the last vaccination, on day 15, mice were challenged SC with 5 × 104 TC-1 tumor cells, including five naïve mice that did not receive any vaccination. b Line graph depicting the change in tumor volume in TC-1 challenged mice over 30 days. c Kaplan–Meier survival plot of TC-1 tumor-bearing mice was recorded over 100 days

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