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Fig. 4

From: The miR-290-295 cluster as multi-faceted players in mouse embryonic stem cells

Fig. 4

(Reproduced from [58] with permission of EMBO J)

miR-371-373 cluster, homolog of human miR-290-295 cluster, stimulates the metabolic switch and reprogramming of human fibroblasts. A working model of the miR-290-Mbd2-Myc axis in regulating metabolism and reprogramming. miR-290/371 cluster post transcriptionally represses Mbd2, leading to the downregulation of MBD2 protein and reactivation of Mbd2 target gene Myc. Subsequently, Myc activates glycolysis through directly stimulating the transcription of glycolytic enzymes Pkm2 and Ldha. This regulatory circuit orchestrated by miRNAs facilitates metabolic switch in reprogramming and enhances glycolysis in ESCs

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