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Fig. 6

From: Stromal Senp1 promotes mouse early folliculogenesis by regulating BMP4 expression

Fig. 6

A model for the role of SENP1 in early folliculogenesis. Mammalian oocytes develop within ovarian follicles. It is known that oocyte/theca/granulosa cells secret growth factors (e.g., FGF2) to stimulate stromal cell maturation, and stromal cell-derived BMPs (such as BMP4) facilitate follicle maturation. Our current data support that SUMO endopeptidase SENP1 is critical for BMP4 expression in stromal cells, which in turn upregulates BMPR1B and BMPR2 on oocytes during early follicle development. Stromal SENP1 deletion alters stromal cell morphology and maturation as well as BMP4 expression, leading to delayed folliculogenesis

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