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Table 1 potential miRNAs involved in hepatic fibrosis

From: The roles of microRNA families in hepatic fibrosis

miRNA Expression during the process of hepatic fibrosis Target genes
miR-29a Downregulated PDGF-C, IGF-1, HDAC4
miR-29b Downregulated PI3KR1, AKT3, COLα1, LOX, HSP47
miR-34a Upregulated ACSL1, PPARγ, CASP2, SIRT1
miR-34b Upregulated PPARγ
miR-15a Downregulated Smad7
miR-15b Upregulated Bcl-2
miR-16 Upregulated Smad7, HGF, Bcl-2, CD-1
miR-195 Downregulated Cyclin E1
miR-200a Downregulated TGF-β2, Keap1
miR-200c Upregulated FAP1
miR-199a Upregulated CAV1
miR-378a Downregulated Gli3