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Fig. 2

From: ZNF300 tight self-regulation and functioning through DNA methylation and histone acetylation

Fig. 2

Collaboration of multiple zinc finger motif-encoding regions is required for optimal inhibition function of ZNF300ZFR. a Schematic representation of zinc finger motif-encoding regions (ZF) in the ZNF300ZFR as well as different truncated forms. The number on the top represents the position of the zinc finger motif-encoding regions in ZFR of ZNF300. b, c 293T cells were transfected with pGL3-promoter plasmids with insertion of different ZNF300ZFR truncations. The luciferase activity was measured, normalized, and presented as relative luciferase activity. *** indicates significance compared to control (p < 0.001). NS non-significance. All values are statistics of three independent experiments with triplicates and presented as mean ± STDEV

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