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Fig. 4

From: Kv1.3 channel blocker (ImKTx88) maintains blood–brain barrier in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Fig. 4

The effects of ImKTx88 on the morphological change of claudin-5 during EAE. Immunofluorescence was performed with a claudin-5 antibody (red) and DAPI staining (blue). The scale bar represents 100 μm. Claudin-5 in the control group showed a linear-like appearance and continuous junctional pattern (arrowhead). In EAE score 1 rats, the junctional pattern became discontinuous, and microvessels were surrounded with rows of claudin-5-positive fluorescent aggregates (arrowhead). In EAE score 4 rats, the linear pattern of claudin-5 was lost, and only some short claudin-5 positive tracts (arrowhead) could be detected. ImKTx88 prevention and treatment up-regulated claudin-5 expression and maintained the continuous linear-like appearance (arrowheads)

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