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Fig. 1

From: APOBEC3B, a molecular driver of mutagenesis in human cancers

Fig. 1

a The spatial location of genes encoding 11 members of APOBEC family in human. AID, APOBEC1, APOBEC3A, APOBEC3C, and APOBEC3H have single zinc-coordinating domains, whereas APOBEC3B, APOBEC3D, APOBEC3F, and APOBEC3G are double domain enzymes. The colors represent the different categories of catalytic domains in APOBECs. Green represents a Z1 catalytic domain, yellow represents a Z2 catalytic domain, and violet represents a Z3 catalytic domain. AID is represented by pink, and the rest is represented by grey. b APOBEC family enzymes catalyze the hydrolytic reaction of cytosine to uracil (C-to-U) in single-strand DNA (ssDNA) substrate

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