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Fig. 3

From: Chloroquine inhibits Ca2+ permeable ion channels-mediated Ca2+ signaling in primary B lymphocytes

Fig. 3

Chloro blocks TG-induced Ca2+ release by inhibiting IP3Rs on the ER membrane. a After cells were incubated with chloro, neither TG nor the addition of 2 mM Ca2+ induced increases of Ca2+. These experiments were performed in 241 cells. These data suggest that chloro inhibits TG-induced Ca2+ release. b Following cells were incubated with 2-APB, an IP3R blocker, TG failed to induce increases of Ca2+ under Ca2+-free conditions (0 mM Ca2+ and 0.5 mM EGTA). These experiments were conducted in 129 cells. These data suggest that 2-APB inhibits TG-induced Ca2+ release from intracellular Ca2+ stores by inhibiting IP3Rs on the ER membrane

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