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Fig. 2

From: Histone demethylases UTX and JMJD3 are required for NKT cell development in mice

Fig. 2

UTX and UTX/JMJD3 deficient mice lack NKT cells in the liver. a Liver lymphocytes were isolated from female WT, JMJD3 KO, UTX KO, and UTX/JMJD3 DKO mice and analyzed for CD1d tetramer and CD3e by FACS. b Quantification of the data presented in a representing data collected in 3 separate experiments. By two-tailed T test, the difference between WT and UTX KO (p < 0.01) and WT and UTX/JMJD3 DKO (p < 0.005) mice is significant. The difference between WT and JMJD3 is not significant (p = 0.11). c Mice were injected with ConA and serum was collected 8 h later. Serum was measured for the presence of ALT which is an indication of liver damage. These results were collected in two experiments with 9 (WT) and 8 (DKO) mice. The difference between WT and UTX/JMJD3 DKO mice is significant (two-tailed T test, p < 0.05)

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