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Fig. 1

From: Brothers in arms: emerging roles of RNA epigenetics in DNA damage repair

Fig. 1

The canonical nucleotide excision repair (NER) pathway (a) and the novel m6A RNA-mediated DNA damage repair pathway (b). a Steps and components of the NER pathway [10]. GG (global genomic) NER and TC (transcription coupled) NER differ in the initial recognition of the DNA lesions but subsequently converge into the same pathway that unwinds, excises, and replaces the damaged DNA segment. b Steps and known components of the new, m6A-mediated pathway. Factors indicated in gray are shown to be not contributing to this pathway [9]. Representative crystal structures of PARP (PDB: 4DQY), METTL3/14 (PDB: 5IL0), FTO (PDB: 3LFM), and Pol κ (PDB: 2W7O) are rendered with MacPyMOL

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