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Fig. 5

From: Gene expression profiling discerns molecular pathways elicited by ligand signaling to enhance the specification of embryonic stem cells into skeletal muscle lineage

Fig. 5

Early activation of BMP signaling may mediate bexarotene-promoted myogenic specification. a Schematic of BMP signaling. Factors differentially regulated by bexarotene are texted in blue. b Members of BMP pathway were differentially expressed in bexarotene- or RA-treated EBs. c Shh and Wnts differentially expressed in bexarotene- and RA-treated EBs. Values are given as a fold change relative to their corresponding values in untreated EBs that are indicated by a dashed line. d Representational diagram of the inferred influence of bexarotene in the enhancement of myogenic specification

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