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Fig. 4

From: Gene expression profiling discerns molecular pathways elicited by ligand signaling to enhance the specification of embryonic stem cells into skeletal muscle lineage

Fig. 4

Bexarotene modulates RA-dependent and -independent gene expression. a Global gene expression in bexarotene- or RA-treated EBs (log2). Outer lines mark ±1.5-fold differences in expression between the two treatments. b Overlap in up- or down-regulated genes between EBs treated with bexarotene or RA. c Expression of selected homeobox genes showing differential expression between bexarotene and RA. d Bexarotene-regulated genes involved in pattern specification and neuron differentiation categorized according to their similarity of expression in RA-treated EBs. e Difference in expression from untreated EBs of transcription factors involved in intermediate mesoderm specification. Values in untreated EBs are indicated by a dashed line

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