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Fig. 2

From: Long non-coding RNA MALAT1 contributes to cell apoptosis by sponging miR-124 in Parkinson disease

Fig. 2

Effects of MALAT1 knockdown on apoptosis of DA neurons in MPTP-induced PD mouse model. Recombinant lentivirus vectors with sh-MALAT1 or sh-control were constructed and administered into the midbrain of mice. Two days post transfection, mice were treated with MPTP-HCl (30 mg/kg) by intraperitoneal injection for 4 days. Seven days after the last MPTP injection, mice were killed and ventral midbrain with SNpc was removed. a The expression of MALAT1 in sh-MALAT1- or sh-control-injected mice was detected by qRT-PCR. b TUNEL assay was carried out to analyze the apoptotic cells in treated mice (scale bar 50 μm). c Western blot was performed to assess the level of Cleaved Caspase3 in treated mice. β-actin was used as the internal control. *P < 0.05 vs. control group

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