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Fig. 2

From: Hepatitis B virus promotes cancer cell migration by downregulating miR-340-5p expression to induce STAT3 overexpression

Fig. 2

miR-340-5p inhibits the migration of HepG2 cells. a Representative photographs of wound-healing assays show that miR-340-5p mimics decreased wound-healing ability. NC-mimic is the negative control of miRNA mimic composed of mature miRNA double strands, and NC-inhibitor is the negative control of miRNA inhibitor containing a chemically modified mature miRNA complementary single strand. b Statistical analysis of the cell migration area, as measured using Image J software, demonstrated a significant reduction in cell migration caused by miR-340-5p mimics and an increment caused by miR-340-5p inhibitors. c Representative photographs of Transwell migration assays. d Statistical analysis of the results indicated that treatment with miR-340-5p mimics or inhibitors led to a dramatic decrease or increase in cell migration when compared with the corresponding negative control. ***P < 0.001

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