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Fig. 7

From: Large is required for normal astrocyte migration and retinal vasculature development

Fig. 7

Astrocytes were associated with persistent hyaloid vessels in Large PB/PB mutants. a In P12 control mice, CD68-positive macrophages (arrow, green signal) were found around the regressing hyaloid vessels, and GFAP-positive astrocytes were absent in the vitreous. b In P12 Large PB/PB mice, except for macrophages (arrow, green signal), astrocytes (arrowhead, red signal) also migrated into the vitreous ensheathing the hyaloid vessels. c In P22 wild-type mice, hyaloid vessels have regressed completely. NO signal can be detected in the vitreous. Arrowhead indicates astrocytes in ILM. d Association between astrocytes (arrowhead) and persistent hyaloid vessels still existed in P22 Large PB/PB mice. Arrow indicates macrophages in the vitreous. Scale bars, 50 μm

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