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Fig. 5

From: Large is required for normal astrocyte migration and retinal vasculature development

Fig. 5

Broken ILM in Large PB/PB mutants. Compared with the intact ILM in 2-month old wild-type mice (a), electron microscopy examination revealed broken ILM in 2-month old Large PB/PB mice (b). Immunofluorescence staining for anti-glutamine synthetase (GS) showed that Müller cell end-feet reached ILM in both P22 wild-type (c) and Large PB/PB mice (d). Compared with the 2-month old control mice (e, g), glycosylated α-DG could rarely be detected in Large PB/PB retinas (f), but β-DG distribution seemed unaffected (h). i, j Laminin α1 distribution in the ILM was not affected in 2-month old Large PB/PB mice (j). Scale bars (a, b), 5 μm; scale bars (cj) 100 μm

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