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Table 4 Transcripts specifically highly expressed at H. avenae parasitic stages (except adult female) with NR hits (Blastx, E value <1e−5)

From: Comparative analysis of pre- and post-parasitic transcriptomes and mining pioneer effectors of Heterodera avenae

CCN contig Log2(FC) Q value Hit accession Description [species] E value Ident (%)
isotig13402 6.89 3.35E−134 YP_009029999 NS5-like protein [Jingmen tick virus] 3.00E−91 31
isotig13435 6.53 1.72E−127 ACF19855 ANT-34 [Toxocara canis] 6.00E−48 32
isotig14470 5.78 1.09E−07 WP_014934453 50S ribosomal protein L25/general stress protein Ctc [Cardinium endosymbiont of Encarsia pergandiella] 1.00E−86 74
isotig12660 5.12 2.24E−05 WP_068700363 Glycoside hydrolase [Paenibacillus yonginensis] 1.00E−26 45
isotig15541 4.98 1.88E−08 EMG48930 Hypothetical protein G210_0425 [Candida maltosa Xu316] 0.003 29
isotig17002 4.94 3.26E−08 WP_011271320 Heat-shock protein C2 [Rickettsia felis] 1.00E−41 55
isotig19536 4.94 6.67E−05 WP_034577564 Preprotein translocase subunit SecE [Cardinium endosymbiont of Bemisia tabaci] 8.00E−25 77
isotig19691 4.84 1.15E−04 XP_002672706 Predicted protein [Naegleria gruberi] 5.00E−33 48
isotig15266a 4.73 1.99E−04 XP_015393075 PREDICTED: cuticle protein 12.5-like [Panthera tigris altaica] 1.00E−16 41
isotig18086 4.49 6.12E−04 ACF19853 ANT-5 [Toxocara canis] 1.00E−38 51
isotig20036 4.49 6.12E−04 KNA02486 Hypothetical protein PVNG_03779 [Plasmodium vivax North Korean] 5.00E−12 77
isotig14974 3.61 7.60E−04 WP_034577458 Transcription termination/antitermination protein NusA [Cardinium endosymbiont of Bemisia tabaci] 0 76
isotig16565 2.92 2.52E−07 KFH65214 Hypothetical protein MVEG_08695 [Mortierella verticillata NRRL 6337] 1.00E−22 45
isotig16605 2.73 2.34E−05 WP_014934894 50S ribosomal protein L20 [Cardinium endosymbiont of Encarsia pergandiella] 1.00E−55 87
isotig14490 2.54 5.90E−07 XP_005705008 DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha [Galdieria sulphuraria] 4.00E−58 45
isotig16931 1.72 5.88E−04 WP_014934892 Translation initiation factor IF-3 [Cardinium endosymbiont of Encarsia pergandiella] 4.00E−82 77
  1. a With signal peptides. Log2 (FC) = normalized Log2(post-parasitic RPKM/pre-parasitic RPKM). Both Log2 (FC) and Q value threshold (Storey et al. [44]) were calculated by DEGseq. NR means non-redundant GenBank proteins database