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Table 3 Putative transcripts with RxLR motif in H. avenae with NR hits (Blastp, E value <1e−5)

From: Comparative analysis of pre- and post-parasitic transcriptomes and mining pioneer effectors of Heterodera avenae

CCN protein SP sitea RxLR Hit accession Description [species] E value Ident (%) Expression bias
Start Motif
ISOTIG15357 27 31 RqLR KHN74319 Chondroitin proteoglycan 2 [Toxocara canis] 4.00E−11 30 Post
ISOTIG17027 26 39 RsLR KHN88475 Hypothetical protein Tcan_06414 [Toxocara canis] 2.00E−104 69
HOWVQCB02JEWZI_10 22 48 RlLR KHN81668 Hypothetical protein Tcan_03447 [Toxocara canis] 3.00E−13 36 Pre*
ISOTIG16444 28 53 RlLRQ CTP81713 BMA-SOL-1 [Brugia malayi] 7.00E−53 46
HOWVQCB02JXEXX_14 32 53 RmLR CCA67693 Hypothetical protein PIIN_01520 [Serendipita indica DSM 11827] 2.00E−24 86 Pre*
ISOTIG15922 24 58 RlLR AEH42093 Cysteine proteinase 6 [Haemonchus contortus] 1.00E−38 37 Pre
ISOTIG07167 20 59 RlLRD CDW60295 SPRY domain containing protein [Trichuris trichiura] 3.00E−06 35
HOWVQCB02FXQYR_12 33 60 RlLR KHN81668 Hypothetical protein Tcan_03447 [Toxocara canis] 4.00E−13 34 Pre*
ISOTIG15903 29 63 RaLR XP_003145427 Leukocyte cell-derived chemotaxin 2 [Loa loa] 3.00E−97 46
ISOTIG17370 23 65 RvLR AAG21334 Hypothetical esophageal gland cell secretory protein 4 [Heterodera glycines] 3.00E−76 47 Post
HPF5SIP01EI8EZ_11 40 69 RmLR XP_001895511 Histone H2A [Brugia malayi] 8.00E−56 76 Post*
HPF5SIP01BKTZ3_5 36 69 RiLR XP_002677860 Hypothetical protein NAEGRDRAFT_79489 [Naegleria gruberi] 1.00E−34 49 Post*
ISOTIG10016 28 74 RkLR KHN78406 Thioredoxin domain-containing protein C06A6.5 [Toxocara canis] 0 64 Post
ISOTIG09138 18 78 RmLRE EGT56409 CBN-LET-268 protein [Caenorhabditis brenneri] 3.00E−122 45 Post
HO9SJLY04I1AHW_9 39 89 RyLR KHN81115 La-related protein [Toxocara canis] 3.00E−26 50 Pre*
  1. ‘Pre*/post*’ means coding by singleton in pre-/post-parasitic library. The singleton might be the gene with low expression and was sequenced only once
  2. a SP site means signal peptide cleavage site. NR means non-redundant GenBank proteins database. ‘Pre/post’ means significantly high expression in pre-/post-parasitic stage