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Table 1 Summary of H. avenae transcriptomes sequencing from two independent studies

From: Comparative analysis of pre- and post-parasitic transcriptomes and mining pioneer effectors of Heterodera avenae

H. avenae transcriptome sequencing This papera Kumar et al. [20]b
Method Roche FLX+ Illumina GAIIx
Sample life stages Pre-parasitic Post-parasitic Whole life stages (pre- and post-) Hatched Juvenile 2 Feeding female
Num. of reads/PE-reads 551,935 514,784 1,066,719 46,114,413 37,125,131
Total length (Mb) 272 249 521 8795 7081
Average read length (bp) 492 483 488 2×100 2×100
  1. a This paper sequenced two mixed-stages transcriptomes of a population of H. avenae in China. The pre-parasitic mixed-stages included egg, juvenile 1 and hatched juvenile 2, while the post-parasitic mixed-stages included parasitic juvenile 2, juvenile 3, juvenile 4, adult female and male. The whole life stages data consisted of sequencing reads from both pre-parasitic and post-parasitic mixed-stages
  2. b Kumar et al. [20] presented original transcriptomes sequencing for two life stages of a population of H. avenae in India