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Fig. 2

From: Maintenance of genome stability by Fanconi anemia proteins

Fig. 2

Structure and functional annotation of FANCA (NP-000126). The intrinsic nucleic acid binding activity resides in the C-terminal domain 720–1455. The N terminus contains the nuclear localization signal (18–34 or 19–35) [164] and was found crucial for both FANCG and FANCC interactions. The region 740–1083 mediates the interaction with BRCA1. Other putative functional remarks include a peroxidase (274–285), a PCNA interaction (1128–1135) motif, and a partial leucine zipper (1069–1090). Proteomic evaluation reveals multiple phosphor serine on FANCA, among which S1149 and S1449 were characterized as AKT and ATR substrates and critical for FANCA functions

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