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Fig. 2

From: A fission yeast cell-based system for multidrug resistant HIV-1 proteases

Fig. 2

Production of HIV-1 mdrPRs prevent yeast colony formation, cell growth and lead to cell death. A The inducible expression of the wt PR and mdr PR genes in fission yeast 24 h after gene induction produced similar levels of HIV-1 PR proteins as detected by the western blot analysis (a), prevented the yeast colony formation (b) and the cellular growth over time (c). Note that the IDV treatment only prevented the effect of the wtPR but not the mdrPRs. The IDV concentration was added in (b) as shown. 100 µg/ml of IDV was added to the mdr PR-expressing cells in (c). All cells were grown at 30 °C and the cell growth was measured by OD650 in the time period as indicated by using spectrophotometer. B Both the wtPR and mdrPR-induced cell death are shown by a yeast live/dead assay [27, 32]. Note that adding IDV before the gene induction only prevented the cell death induced by the wtPR (upper row) but not that by the mdrPR. Pictures were taken at 24 h after the gene induction. IDV (−), i.e., no IDV added; IDV (+), 100 µg/ml of IDV was added prior to the gene inductions

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