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Fig. 2

From: Characterization of tubular liquid crystal structure in embryonic stem cell derived embryoid bodies

Fig. 2

Distribution of the longitudinal and cross sections of the EB tubular liquid crystal structures. Quantified measurements of longitudinal and cross sectional diameter lengths (a). Quantified thickness measurements of the shell-like wall (b). All measurements were obtained from birefringence of multiple cross sectional and longitudinal sections (For longitudinal diameters D1 and D2, n = 24; For cross diameters D1 and D2, n = 24; For longitudinal and cross sections, wall-thickness W1 and W2, n = 23). The diameter measurement is obtained from the distance between the outer edges of both sides of the birefringence along the long and short axis. Wall measurements are defined as the average width of the birefringence on each side of the axis (c)

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