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Fig. 1

From: Function and regulation of tau conformations in the development and treatment of traumatic brain injury and neurodegeneration

Fig. 1

Pin1 prevents the accumulation of the pathogenic cis P-Tau by converting it to non-pathogenic trans form. pT231-tau exists in the two-distinct cis and trans conformations, as depicted in cartoons of the primary backbone structures. Cis, but not trans, pT231-tau loses normal function and gains pathogenic function. Pin1 prevents the accumulation of the pathogenic cis pT231-tau conformation by converting it into the nonpathogenic trans form. Conformation specific antibodies against the pathogenic cis pT231-tau might be developed for the treatment of AD, MCI, TBI, CTE or other kind of tauopathies, during its early stages. AD Alzheimer’s disease; MCI mild cognitive impairment; TBI traumatic brain injury; CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy

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