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Fig. 3

From: Analysis of Axin2 expression and function in murine models for pancreatic cancer

Fig. 3

Characterization of the animal model for studying desmoplasia. a 6606PDA cells were injected on day 0 into the pancreas of C57BL6-TgACTB-eGFP1Osb/J, Axin2+/+, Axin2+/lacZ or Axin2lacZ/lacZ mice and the tumors were analyzed on day 20 or 21. b Desmoplastic reaction visualized by anti-GFP immunohistochemistry in a C57BL6-TgACTB-eGFP1Osb/J mouse, which ubiquitously expresses GFP, shows strong GFP expression in fibroblast like cells surrounding the carcinoma (arrow), and few GFP expressing cells within the carcinoma (arrowhead). c Characteristic images of tumors in Axin2+/lacZ mice showing no β-galactosidase staining in fibroblast like cells surrounding the carcinoma (arrow), but few clusters of β-galactosidase+ cells within the carcinoma (arrowhead). Bars 50 µm

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