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Fig. 1

From: Analysis of Axin2 expression and function in murine models for pancreatic cancer

Fig. 1

Characterization of the animal model for chronic pancreatitis. a Hyperglycemia was induced in two cohorts (STZ, STZ+Cer) by ip injection of 50 mg/kg streptozotocin on day 1–5 and chronic pancreatitis was then induced in two cohorts (Cer, STZ+Cer) by administration of three ip injections of cerulein (50 µg/kg) on the indicated days; the control group (Cer) was treated with the appropriate vehicle solution instead of STZ. b β-galactosidase staining in tubular complexes of the pancreas in normoglycemic and hyperglycemic Axin2+/lacZ mice was observed after pancreatitis, whereas no β-galactosidase staining was observed in Axin2+/+ mice. Bars 50 μm

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