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Fig. 11

From: Exogenous H2S modulates mitochondrial fusion–fission to inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in a hyperglycemic state

Fig. 11

Silencing Drp1 expression prevents HG-induced ROS production and migration as well as cell proliferative protein expression. a Silencing Drp1 expression inhibits the HG-induced increase in mitochondrial fragmentation count. (The data are the mean ± SD for 4 experiments). b siRNA Drp1 reduced PCNA and Cyclin D1 protein expression and increased P27 and P21 protein expression (n = 4). *p < 0.05 vs control, #p < 0.05 vs HG and Pal, and ##p < 0.01 vs HG and Pal

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