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Fig. 5

From: Lmod2 piggyBac mutant mice exhibit dilated cardiomyopathy

Fig. 5

ICD and sarcomere defects of Lmod2PB/PB heart fibers and reduced expression of ICDs proteins. a, b Longitudinal sections of 25d paraffin-embedded hearts stained with H&E. ch Representative electron micrographs of cardiac LV tissue from 25 days old Lmod2+/+ (c, e, g) and Lmod2PB/PB (e, f, h) mice. Sarcomeres (S) are shortened and disorganized in Lmod2PB/PB myocardium (c, d). Z-discs (Z) and M-lines (M) are disorganized and unrecognizable, respectively, in Lmod2PB/PB myocardium (e, f). Reduced convolution and electron dense of ICD (arrow) in Lmod2PB/PB myocardium (g, h). i Area and perimeter of the area between the muscle fibers are increased in Lmod2 PB/PB hearts compared with wild-type control n = 8. j Statistics of sarcomere length in Lmod2PB/PB myocardium n = 20. k Quantitative RT-PCR of major intercalated discs (ICD) genes n = 3. Scale bars 200 μm in b, 1 μm in d, 500 μm in f, h

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