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Fig. 5

From: IL-15 signaling promotes adoptive effector T-cell survival and memory formation in irradiation-induced lymphopenia

Fig. 5

In vivo IL-15 signaling converts transferred effector T-cells to memory-like Tm cells in lymphopenia. a Irradiated (600 rads) B6 and IL-15 KO mice (n = 4) were transferred with OT-I effector T-cells (20 × 106). Six days after transfer, splenocytes were stained with OVA-tetramer, PE-CY5-anti-CD8 Ab and FITC-Abs specific for pSTAT5, Bcl-2, FOXO1, Eomes, pULK1 and Atg7, and analyzed by flow cytometry. The double positive (OVA-tetramer and CD8) T-cells were gated for assessing the expression of various molecules in irradiated B6 mice (solid lines) and in irradiated IL-15 KO mice (dotted lines). Gray shaded histograms represent isotype Ab controls. MFI for expression of each molecule is shown. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. b Transferred OVA-specific T-cells in irradiated B6 and IL-15 KO mice were purified from spleens, 6 days post T-cell transfer, with PE-conjugated H-2 Kb/OVA257–264 tetramer and anti-PE-microbeads, stained with MitoTracker and TMRM, and then analyzed by flow cytometry (irradiated B6 mice, solid lines; IL-15 KO mice, gray shaded histograms). c Confocal images show transferred T-cells stained with Mitotracker (green) and Hoechst (blue); scale bars represent 5 μm. One representative experiment of three is shown

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