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Fig. 4

From: Tyrosine 625 plays a key role and cooperates with tyrosine 630 in MPL W515L-induced signaling and myeloproliferative neoplasms

Fig. 4

Ectopic expression of constitutively active STAT5 fails to expand CFU-Mk. a WT lineage-depleted cells transduced with control retrovirus (Ctrl) or STAT5A1*6-expressing retrovirus (STAT5A1*6) were purified by cell sorting GFP+ cells and used for CFU-myeloid and CFU-Mk assay. b The transduced cells were also cultured for megakaryocyte differentiation to detect CD41 and CD42 expression. Numbers are statistics of two experiments with duplicate and indicate the percentage of the gated cells. c The resultant cells were also stained with CD41 and DAPI. A gate was set to analyze the DNA content of CD41+ cells by flow cytometry. Numbers indicate the percentage of the gated cells with 2N, 4N or >4N DNA content (from left to right). The bar graph is the statistics of the percentage of polyploid cells (DNA > 4N) from two experiments. Asterisk indicates significance (p < 0.05) and NS indicates non-significance compared to control

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