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Fig. 1

From: SOSTDC1 is down-regulated in non-small cell lung cancer and contributes to cancer cell proliferation

Fig. 1

The expression of SOSTDC1 is down-regulated in NSCLC. a The expression of SOSTDC1 in 99 pairs of primary tumors versus paired non-tumorous lung tissues using RNAseqV2 data sets deposited in the TCGA datasets. b Expression of SOSTDC1 in 18 paired tumors and adjacent non-tumorous lung tissues assessed by qRT-PCR. c Representative images of IHC assays on SOSTDC1 expression in NSCLC. d Kaplan–Meier analysis showing the overall survival of NSCLC patients. e Kaplan–Meier analysis showing the overall survival of NSCLC patients categorized according to the UICC clinical stage. Patient survival is significantly different between SOSTDC1 high- and low-expressing patients within subgroups of clinical stage I + II and III + IV

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