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Table 1 Mitochondrial kinases/phosphatases

From: Regulation of mitochondrial functions by protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation

Proteins Evidences of mitochondria localization Functions in mitochondria References
Abl Co-IP, WB, IF Apoptosis [3, 4]
Src WB, IP, Co-IP, Kinase array Cytochrome C oxidase, ROS production and respiration [10, 11, 1518]
EGFR WB, IP, IF Apoptosis, respiration and cellular metabolism [3340]
Akt WB, IP, Co-IP, IF Cell survival and regulation of respiration [4345, 4749]
JNK WB, IF Apoptosis, neuro inflammation and mitochondria biogenesis
Possibly regulation of signal transduction
[5057, 60]
ERK1/2 WB, IF Respiration, ATP production, membrane potential, mitophagy, autophagic cell death, MPTP and steroidogenesis [51, 53, 6166]
P38 MAPK WB, IF, GST Apoptosis [51, 67, 68]
GSK3β WB, Co-IP MPTP and energy metabolism [7072, 74, 75]
PKA WB, IF, DEAE, GST, in vitro kinase assay Respiration, mitochondria division and steroidogenesis [87, 8993, 95, 98, 99, 102]
PKC WB, IP, IF Respiration, K + channel and apoptosis [105109]
PINK1 WB, IF Mitochondria trafficking at outer membrane. Pathogenesis of PD. Localized translation of respiration chain complex [121, 122, 125128, 130, 131]
MKP1 WB, IF Apoptosis [142]
Shp2 WB, Co-IP ROS production [16, 151, 152]
PTPs WB, Co-IP, IF ATP production [12, 13, 161, 162]
PTEN WB, IF Apoptosis and ATP production [164, 165]
  1. WB western blot, Co-IP Co-immunoprecipitation, IP Immunoprecipitation, IF Immunofluorescence, GST GST pull-down assay, DEAE diethylaminoethyl cellulose chromatography