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Fig. 3

From: Efficient genome editing of genes involved in neural crest development using the CRISPR/Cas9 system in Xenopus embryos

Fig. 3

Segmental deletions and inversions induced by Cas9 and a pair of sgRNAs in X. tropicalis embryos. a Schematic diagram showing the structure of X. tropicalis pax3 and snail1 genes, and the sgRNA targeting sequences and their locations in the two genes. b Schematic diagram illustrating detection of segmental deletion and inversion at targeted loci with PCR. c, d PCR assay and subsequent sequencing detected segmental deletions and inversion at pax3 locus (c) and snail1 locus (d). The embryos injected with Cas9 and indicated sgRNAs were collected at 2 days after fertilization. Five embryos were pooled for DNA extraction. T1, embryos injected with Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA T1; T2, embryos injected with Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA T2; T1 + T2, embryos injected with mixture of Cas9 mRNA, sgRNA T1 and sgRNA T2. F forward primer; R reverse primer

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