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Fig. 3

From: N- and O-glycan cell surface protein modifications associated with cellular senescence and human aging

Fig. 3

Growth curves and morphologies of human diploid fibroblasts derived from elderly (TIG-101 and TIG-102). a TIG-101 and TIG-102 proliferation rates were plotted as PDL for approximately 280-day culture (each n = 1). b Bar graph representation of the average doubling time of the cells at each PDL (mean + SE, TIG-101: n = 4–10; TIG-102: n = 5–9). Closed and opened bars represent TIG-101 and TIG-102 cell lines, respectively. c Cell shapes of TIG-101 and TIG-102 fibroblasts at PDLs 40 and 52, and PDLs 40 and 53, respectively. d TIG-102 cells at PDLs 45 and 56 were stained for SA-β-galactosidase. The upper panels are a magnification of the squared area in the lower panels

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