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Fig. 9

From: Characterization of a migrative subpopulation of adult human nasoseptal chondrocytes with progenitor cell features and their potential for in vivo cartilage regeneration strategies

Fig. 9

Gelatin zymography demonstrated a higher secretion of active MMP-9 of mnCPC as opposed to hCh (hCh n = 8 donors, mnCPC n = 5 donors) after 42 days (ab). Detection of pro-MMP 9 revealed a similar expression level at all points (a). For MMP-2 no difference was observable neither for the active nor the inactive form of the endopeptidase over time (a). Image is composed of several gel images separated by white lines. To normalize the measured intensities of the samples on different gels and to correct differences between the runs, a standard sample was carried along on every gel. All values were normalized to the detected intensity of the standard sample. Graph shows individual values with median, Mann–Whitney-U comparison, *p ≤ 0.05

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