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Fig. 5

From: The binding specificity of Translocated in LipoSarcoma/FUsed in Sarcoma with lncRNA transcribed from the promoter region of cyclin D1

Fig. 5

The effect of the mutation (GGUG to CCUC; GGU to CCU) on the binding of the fragment 1–1 and TLS. a The position of GGU and GGUG where mutation was induced in the fragment 1–1 is shown in black box (left), and the RNA sequences are listed in the table (right). Sequence of the 5′ end of the fragment 1–1 is underlined. b The binding between mutated fragments and full-length TLS, TLS-4, and TLS-5 was examined by RNA pull down assay N = 3. Ten percent of the protein used for RNA pull down assay was loaded as input

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