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Fig. 3

From: The binding specificity of Translocated in LipoSarcoma/FUsed in Sarcoma with lncRNA transcribed from the promoter region of cyclin D1

Fig. 3

The binding between truncated TLS and pncRNA-D. a The domain structure of TLS. GST tag was attached to the 5′ end of the truncated TLS-1 to -5. RGG RGG repeat domain, RRM RNA recognition motif, ZF zinc finger domain. b The interaction between TLS-1 and -5 and pncRNA-D with different length was examined by RNA pull down assay. N = 3. c Binding of TLS-4 (top) and -5 (bottom) with fragmented pncRNA-D were examined by RNA pull down assay followed by western blot analysis. Purified TLS-4 and TLS-5 were incubated with pncRNA-D fragments, and the signals were detected with anti-GST antibody. N = 5. d The binding between the fragments 1–1, 7–1, the 5′ end and the 3′ end of fragment 1–1 with TLS-4 or TLS-5 were examined by RNA pull down assay as in (b) and (c). N = 4. In all the experiments, 10 % of the protein used for RNA pull down assay was loaded as input

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